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March 13, 2019

8 Spring Safety Reminders

Spring is finally just around the corner! The temperature is already starting to increase, so here are some safety reminders to remember as we head into warmer weather.   

  1. Beware of Falling Snow & Ice. As the weather starts to warm up, ice and snow will be falling. Please make sure to clear your roof safely to avoid injuries. Use warning and caution signs in areas where snow and ice may fall. 
  2. Remove Snow. On these slightly warmer days, snow will be melting. Try to keep the excess water away from your home by removing snow. Click here for a few tips on areas to concentrate on. 
  3. Watch Out for Deer. Deer become more active in the springtime. Be aware and on the lookout. Here are some more tips to avoid deer accidents.
  4. Start Spring Cleaning. Springtime is when we get that itch to clean our homes. Here are some safety tips and a checklist to start off your spring cleaning right.
  5. Take Your Vehicle in for Maintenance. Your vehicle has weathered a lot this winter. Take your vehicle in for maintenance this spring to make sure your vehicle is running at it’s best. Here are some tips on what you should check. 
  6. Garden Safely. Remember to keep children and pets safe when the planting season starts. Keep from planting poisonous plants in areas where your children and pets go, and make sure to keep fertilizer and any other chemicals stored in a safe location. Check out these other safety tips when utilizing fertilizer. 
  7. Inspect Your Lawncare Equipment. Before using your lawncare equipment, make sure the equipment is working properly. Here are some lawncare equipment maintenance tips for you.  
  8. Store Recreational Vehicles Properly. It’s almost time to bring out your spring and summer recreational vehicles and put your winter recreational vehicles into storage. Here are some tips on storing your snowmobile until next winter.  

Springtime can become busy very fast, but we hope these tips start your Spring off safely! 


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