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March 14, 2019

5 Tips to Help Your Rates

We understand everyone is on a budget, and we unfortunately can’t control your rates. However, here are a few tips that may help your rates stay lower or more stable: 

  1. Schedule a review. It is so important to review your policies often with your agent. Life changes happen every day and some of those changes may impact your insurance and rates. Unfortunately, we do not know what changes you may have had until you contact us. To confirm everything is up-to-date, schedule an appointment with your agent!
  2. The more policies, the more discounts. Having all of your policies with the same company not only is easier for you, but you will often receive multi-policy discounts for bundling your policies with the same company.  
  3. Choose the right payment option for you. Most of the time there are different payment options you can choose from. But, you want to be certain that you choose the right option for you, because late payments can impact your rates negatively when your policies renew. Also, there are sometimes payment options that give you discounts, such as paying in full or automatic payments. 
  4. Understand your insurance score. Some companies use an insurance score to help determine rates. This score is partially based on your credit score. So, if your credit score increases your insurance rates typically decrease some and vice versa when your policies renew. If your company utilizes this information, there are resources you can contact if you want to find out more about your insurance score.  
  5. Keep from speeding. Tickets and driving violations can definitely impact your rates negatively. If you or a driver on your policy has a tendency to speed, try out these tips on how to stop speeding! 

Every policy is different, so please contact your agent to setup a review. We would be happy to assist you!


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